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An organization is only as strong as its team members. We are fortunate to have a staff whose wide-ranging expertise is equalled only by their enthusiasm for new challenges.

Our considerable experience comes from a broad range of industries; this gives us the confidence to venture into new areas such as international property development and tree farming. Our innovative problem-solving approach made us the first in North America to stack containers eight-high. Creative thinking has resulted in the branding of our own products, Cratex’s Kodiak containers and a computerized container tracking system (CTS). By combining our passion, commitment and ambition, we continually excel.

As a company, we are loyal to our employees and they are loyal to us; this results in high tenure and low turnover. We frequently promote from within and actively involve employees in the company’s successes. Our employees enjoy being part of an organization that supports the community, protects the environment, and exemplifies good corporate citizenship.

Captain John Cosulich,

Chairman and CEO of the Cosulich Group of Companies. Joined the family business in 1962.

Dave Bush,

President, Marco, Marine Container Inc., Vice-President of Delco, Delta Container Limited Partnership, and Cosulich Group Investments Inc. Joined Cosulich Group in 1977.

Clint Morgan,

President, Delco, Delta Container Limited Partnership Joined Cosulich Group in 1984.

Sari Fleming,

General Manager, Cosulich Group, and Secretary for Marco, Marine Container Inc. and Delco, Delta Container Limited Partnership Joined Cosulich Group in 1986.

Maria Kenessey-Wells,

General Manager, Delco, Delta Container Limited Partnership Joined Cosulich Group in 1988.

Anne Stewart, QC,

Partner in the Vancouver office of Blake, Cassels & Graydon, LLP. Legal Counsel for Cosulich Group since 1975.



See our history timeline here
See our history timeline here